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Darvian Group : A team of qualified specialists with an experience of 15 years and more in establishing and managing the companies of recruitment, and in designing and executing the infrastructure according to strategic vision and professional management.

The ingredients for success

If you want to make a successful business, you should ensure that these steps are applied:
- A clear vision, mission and goals of the business
- Building the organizing procedures and framework that will help you in achieving business goals
- Choosing the suitable team by making smart tests
- Studying the financial and operational costs
- Designing the technical infrastructure to manage the business
- Working with a specialist consultant That's what our smart team presents.

Professional global team

- Our team members are in all countries that export the labor, in order to ensure that our customer is satisfied and our work has a high quality.
- Our team manages the work from main offices, and every main office manages many secondary offices in many countries like:
Main offices: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) – Emirates (Dubai) – Philippines (Manila) – India (Mumbai).
Secondary offices: Kenya – Ghana – Uganda – Madagascar – Jordan – Egypt – Sudan – Yemen – Vietnam – Indonesia – Nepal – Bangladesh – Pakistan – Sri Lanka

Our Online Services

- Receiving the calls
- Inquiring about requests' status
- To save the time of the CEOs, we provide an app to follow up to the news of the companies by smart phones, I-pads or laptops from any place in the world immediately.
- Logistics management:

# Reservations
# Supplying
# Insurance

  • Darvian Group A group of qualified specialists at establishing and managing projects of recruitment of the domestic worker

  • We are available in 4 countries and more than 15 Asian and African cities.

  • Darvian .. Skill and Worthiness .. All success tools are in one place .. Design of success starts from Darvian

Our Services

External Agents

Dealing with hundreds of external agents and measuring their credibility and achievement, as we understand our customers' fears of dealing with external agents, these agents are the main source of providing all types of labor.
Through our main offices, we became available in the countries that are specialists in providing employment, and we have built a lot of partnerships for 15 years of experiences, and this made our team smarter and professional under all challenges.
Our partners can now manage their businesses safely and perfectly in order to succeed and satisfy their customers.


According to the modern technology, we provide e-portals which are dynamic and suitable for even small businesses to achieve their goals and satisfy their customers. These portals are not only for attracting visitors but also for a better customer service, interacting with customers and accomplishing a lot of deals. By these portals, customers can engage with our services as they want, get valuable information or downloading documents. They can receive or cancel ads and news messages, and they also can ask questions and discuss different topics and suggestions. The e-portals and content management systems help in improving the customers' satisfaction by providing the suitable information and services. Today and according to the technology growth, more people start to use the internet every day as a main source of information.

Establishing services

Many companies face a lot of challenges to provide a powerful infrastructure, systems and practical plans to achieve success and get a competitive advantage.
And so we present our huge experience to our partners to succeed.
We start from putting the work systems, procedures and framework, to financial expenses and operation plan studying. We walk with you step by step to achieve the success for you and us.
We contributed in building many recruitment companies, and we are happy to provide our experience in recruitment field by our team and in one place.

Developing and Training

Our training is divided into:

Career Level Training
Domestic Workers Training

This training is presented by a group of specialists in knowledge, technical and psychological skills. We have been keen on building partnerships with the specialist organizations inside and outside the kingdom.


Many companies of recruitment suffer from the time, effort and costs of logistics services. - And so our team tries to provide these logistics services in one place in order to achieve the professionalism and to save the time and effort of our partners.
The presented logistics services are:
# Airlines booking
# Insurance
# Catering

Web call center

Hot line with more than 15 languages and by using modern techniques of communication in order to help our partners' customers. This service is provided by a professional translation team.
The customer can call our unified number to be converted to the required language.

The Specialized Services


External Agents

Web Call Center



Establishing Services

Training & Development

Developing And Training


Developing the knowledge and skills

- Developing the knowledge and skills became very important thing for any company to continue and compete. And so the quality of training inside the company has a great effect on making professional employees. Untrained employees cost the company more than the trained employees. If we see the training as an investment not an expense, it could make good results.

The effective training is an investment

- The effective training is an investment in the human resources, it is very useful for the company and the employee. It is a learning cycle that could improve the problem solving skills, increase the intellectual capabilities of the employee and improve the communication skills with colleagues, managers and the customers. These skills could make the employees have the ability of facing technology and social changes, reduce the number of errors, ready to be promoted, ready to reach the leadership positions and feel satisfied. These skills also could provide the stability in the company, reduce the employees neglect and improve the company's services.

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