About the Darvian’s group services

We are specialized in the field of supporting and diverse institutional support; our targeted customer service are institutions and big, medium, small and startup businesses. As well as pioneering women of various business fields.

We provide a comprehensive integrated range of services that are characterized by the real added value which manifests in saving time, effort and cost with competitive prices; moreover, you have the advantage of the flexibility and the freedom to choose between any of our services or all of them combined as required. Thus, we meet the needs of each client separately according to the highest levels and standards of quality and efficiency in a single place, giving the client an adjustable personal experience.

Darvian’s integrated system


1- Advisory services package and strategic management planning

We offer our customers the needed counsel in order for them to formulate their strategic plans based on their institutions’ filed and their business’ size and nature. We offer our counsel, starting with the preparations of the organizational structures and the functional descriptions contained in the identifications of the working teams, responsibilities and tasks distribution, designing salaries tables, compensation, and job classifications systems.

Ergo, we formulate the organizational culture of the institution including the vision, mission and objectives in order to determine thework strategies and methodologies including, executive and proceeding plans, evaluation of the institutional performance, and creating alternative plans for emergencies...etc.

2- Development services for corporation slogans and identities package

We provide our customers with the best suggestions and creative perceptions in order for them to create attractive slogans that are in tune with the spirit of the institution and its field, based on the vision and the mission of their organization; in addition to developing and building the institutional identities that reflect the culture and values of the institution along its obligations toward its staff, by deepening and enhancing its reputation beyond the visual elements to deliver the mental image among the public about the organization.

3- Graphic design services package

We provide our customers with reports’ printing and designing services in a creative layout. Our services include, clarity of the written text, information and report data presentation, identifying the files of the institutions, professional biographies…etc.

4- Technical services package

Network development, construction, designing, management and maintenance services:

We provide our customers' institutions with internal networks developing services, establishing both wired and wireless ones. We enhance the internal servers that connect the main administration branches together, according to the highest standards which have been based on the latest technologies in this field. In addition, we take over the task of continuous maintenance in order to the unify and simplify the work procedures and facilitate data access, as well as reduce the maintenance costs.

Designing, developing and managing services of websites and content managing systems:

We can build our customers their own websites on the internet in terms of designing (the home page, visuals and content) and in terms of web programming (site management in all aspects of the system), in order to provide a modern easy-to-access interactive browsing, according to the highest advanced global standards in this field, providing the maximum protection and information security between the user and the site.

5- Staff training services package

We can plan and teach courses, workshops and training programs in order to help our customers’ staff develop functional abilities according to the needs of our customers and their staffs’ needs.

We train them, enhancing their skills and enabling them to develop their performance; therefore,improving their proficiency level.

6- Event management services inside and outside the Kingdom

We offer events management services ranging from concerts and institutional conferences to exhibitions and other similar events. Our services cover it all, starting from planning an organized management and logistic services which includes making suggestions and proposals concerning the event’s plan, regulation mechanism; plus, preparing the entire organization process which is provided with the necessary equipment, according to its field, its requirement, and its participatesin order to meet the needs of the participants, in addition to preparing all the prints, propaganda campaigns and advertisement for the event.

7- Creative writing and translation services package

We offer creative writing services in various fields and sectors, using innovative methods that suitable for different environments, projects and clients in both Arabic and English languages. Moreover, we provide translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa; furthermore, we provide revision and printing of handwritten texts services.

Creative writings that we provide includes, speeches, brochures, websites content, discussion points, promotional files, resumes, commercial and institutional letters, newsletters and advertising articles.

8- E-marketing services package

We can provide our customers and their products with e-marketing services via multiple electronic channels, notably marketing via SMS, text messages, IM applications such as, WhatsApp, Google ads and social media sites, as well as email marketing.

Marketing starts by selecting the targeted categories after studying the nature of the products and the services bought by the customers of the concerned category. That contributes in enhancing the awareness about these products and services; thus, increasing their spreading.

9 - The management solutions and advanced software package

We can design a package of diverse business solutions and its multiple applications for our customers, according to the customer’s needs and hisher foundation’s field of work.

Our solutions comprise of sales solutions, marketing and relationship with the customer solutions and customers’ rewarding and appreciation of their loyalty solutions, and integrated services centers’ solutions, which are achieved by supporting the operation service. In addition to mobile communication applications solutions, as well as enterprise-resource planning solutions, organizational solutions for financial operations and accounting programs, and many others.

10 - Media production services package

We offer Media production services from A to Z were we create and prepare ideas, write the script and then produce the audio visual of documentary films, radio, television and commercial advertisements, infographics, voice messages, instant translations and visual reports and others with high-tech services, all of which are achieved by our group of researchers, writers, authors, engineers and directors.

11 - Photography, video propaganda, advertising and events shooting services package

We enhanced our integrated package in photography and video services, whether is to be used for a product or for various events; like marketing documentation or advertising and media purposes.

We provide high professional photography shooting and montaging to produce the highest quality and the best results.

12 - Digital printing on various materials package

We provide our customers with unique art pieces through our various material printing package, using the highest technologies and most advanced printers available in this art. We can print institutional slogans or any desired pictures or words on any material especially canvas and ceramic that can be used to make them look like art pieces. Plus, we can print digital printing on various desks or homes furniture like curtains, sofas, tables, glass… etc.



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